About Apokryphunk

Apokryphunk is here for purely entertainment purposes. You can consider this blog an ingenious paranormal comedy adventure in progress. A complete work of fiction. Complete comical genius!

Apokryphunk is a word, invented my me, owner and creator of this amazing web site. I am “Ghost Writer.”

Apokryphunk is comes from the Greek word “apokryphos” which is meaning “obscure,” and the word “phunk” which is comes from “funk” not “punk” and is meaning “bullshit, nonsense, crap, garbage, slop, spew, etc.” So there you go.

Apokryphunk is: that shit we think we know but really can’t and spew it out all over the world anyway, like Paranormal “Investigators”, Psychics, Dr. Oz, UFO peoples with funny hair and church pastors everywhere do. And some of them have funny hair too.

The spew is the Supernatural, Paranormal, Cryptozoology, ESP, homeopathy, politics. That stuff. Apokryphunk.com will not cover politics, I’m just including that as an example. It’s all bullshit. Entertaining at times, but bullshit.

Feel free to browse the entire site, but to follow the adventures of Ghost Writer select the Apokryphunk Adventure Category. All of the posts in that category are chapters, or sections, of the ongoing paranormal mystery tale. Follow the story in chronological post order. Who knows what will happen next.

The original form of this website, Strange Encounters, was developed as a forum where people could share their strange experiences and encounters with the unknown. They could discuss sightings of UFOs, ghosts, and mysterious creatures like Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowee, Skunk Ape, the Lock Ness Monster et al., Mothman, and the rest of anything and everything paranormal or bizarre.

The forum no longer exists because it sucked wind and no one ever stopped by. Strange Encounters has become Apokryphunk, a blog where the varied mysteries of the unexplained and other hoohah can be chewed up and spit out by the relentless jaws of my flawless logic.

If you are easily offended, who cares, grow up. Go to some other site and read about teddy bears. But if you’re are as interested as I am in exploring (and debunking!) the paranormal, follow me on my quest for real workings of the supernatural, UFOs, ghosts and monsters,

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