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Apokryphunk is a satirical blog with a mix of fiction, fact, fantasy and farce. It’s sole purpose is to examine paranormal claims and mysteries of the so-called unknown. Apokryphunk.com serves as a creative outlet for the author resulting in comical writing that blends fictional scenarios with rational observation of a given subject matter. You can consider this blog an example of paranormal comedy. A fictitious paranormal adventure in progress. You may also consider this blog a work of Complete Comical Genius! Or not. Hey, you can’t please everyone.

Apokryphunk is a word invented by the owner and creator of this web site, and is a combination of the Greek word “apokryphos” which means “obscure,” and the word “phunk” which comes from “funk” not “punk” and generally means “baloney, nonsense, garbage, bullpucky, etc.” So there you go.

To dig deeper, more specifically Apokryphunk is derived from the word “Apocryphal” which means “of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true.” Get it?

Thus, Apokryphunk refers to that bunk some humans claim to know and can’t, but spew it out all over the world anyway. You know, psychics, spirit mediums, Dr. Oz, UFO peoples with funny hair, and church pastors.

The funk, bunk and mullarky referred to in this case is the supernatural, ghosts, demons, paranormal phenomena, ESP, homeopathy, politics. That stuff. Apokryphunk.com will not cover politics it is merely included here as an example. All nonsense though. Entertaining at times, yes, but nonsense nonetheless. Bunk.

The original form of this website, Strange Encounters, was developed as a forum where people could share their strange experiences and encounters with the unknown. The forum no longer exists because no one ever stopped by, so Apokryphunk was born, a blog where the varied mysteries of the unexplained and other hoohah can be chewed up and spit out by the relentless jaws of my flawless logic.

If you are easily offended that’s not my problem, visit another site and read about teddy bears and angels. But, if you are as interested as I in exploring the paranormal landscape for the sake of a little fun, follow me on my quest for complete paranormal pandemonium!

Now here’s where the Apokryphunk backstory fiction begins…

Who is the author of this groundbreaking website? I am Ghost Writer! As a former black ops agent I cannot use my real name. Having been forced into early retirement by a rogue government agency, with substantial compensation to generally “keep my mouth shut,” I must work on the fringe. And I work alone save for one individual who remains on the “inside” and provides me with some intel from time to time.

I dedicate my time to sniffing out the truth behind paranormal claims, and sometimes that leads me into some interesting situations. Follow my progress here at Apokryphunk.com. Things may get interesting, and at the very least this will be an entertaining trip through the bizarre landscape of the paranormal and unexplained.

Ghost Writer
Somewhere on the fringe…

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