The Truth About Ghostly Orb Photos

An examination of the facts behind orb photos, commonly thought to be evidence of ghostly activity, but in all likelihood nothing more than dust, moisture, or other objects either illuminated by the camera flash, or very close to the camera lens.

On Psychics and Life After Death

Scientific research has been conducted on paranormal claims of ESP, psychic abilities, life after death and such. Various effects have been determined and explained, and mainstream science generally finds no evidence of anything otherworldly.

Morristown UFO Hoax - Staged, Revealed, Charged

Using 3 foot diameter helium balloons, flares and fishing line, Chris Russo, 29, and Joe Rudy, 28, staged a UFO hoax near Morristown, NJ. Sending their contraptions aloft in the dark of night, they were trying to make a point about gullibility and belief in the paranormal, in this case, UFOs. Did it work?

Suspected Car Thief Transforms into Goat

A man suspected of attempted auto theft in Nigeria transforms into a goat to escape arrest as his friend flees. Why couldn't his friend just turn into a goat too?

UFO photographed at Zaporozhye

Perhaps one of the dopiest paranormal news stories yet. UFO-people visit funerals of the Zaporozhye, and the Archbishop's sister is a UFOlogist.

Are We Alone - on the GA Bigfoot Hoax

Seth Shostak and Molly Bentley cover the Georgia Bigfoot hoax on a recent episode of Are We Alone? the SETI Institute Science Radio program, and disclose revealing insights about the press conference and the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Georgia Bigfoot Hoax Revealed!

Ric Dyer and friends reveal Georgia Bigfoot hoax on YouTube but claim to still have the body. Biscardi was hoodwinked, along with many others in the Bigfoot community.

Georgia Bigfoot Hoax Press Conference Video

Tom Biscardi claims the body found in Georgia is the real deal, a dead Bigfoot creature, and presents no evidence. Matt Moneymaker claims the body in the freezer is a widely available halloween costume, and directs us to a website which shows comparison photos.

Georgia Bigfoot Body is Likely a Hoax

While Tom Biscard is making his round of interviews, Jeff Meldrum and Curt Nelson voice their suspicions regarding the purported discovery of a dead Bigfoot by three men in Georgia. Tom Biscardi's credibility, dubious as usual.

Real Bigfoot Body Found in Georgia

Three men, including two Georgia residents who lead Bigfoot expeditions, claim to have found a Bigfoot body and they're getting a DNA sample tested to prove it. The Bigfoot creature, reportedly more than 7 feet tall and weighing in at over 500 pounds, was apparently found dead in an undisclosed wilderness area of northern Georgia.

Yeti Hairs to be Tested by Scientists

Hair found in Meghalaya, India are thought to be from a Yeti. Do the mythical creatures that are believed to dwell on the slopes of the Himalayas really exist? Could this hair be final proof of an yet unknown primate?

Real Cryptids in Zoology and the Dim Effect

Do real cryptids exist? As described by cryptozoologists, a cryptid is a previously undiscovered creature, or a creature that was thought extinct and finally rediscovered. Examine some real cryptids here, as we take a look at new discoveries that have recently been added to the zoological record. Including the Pink Dragon Millipede, Stripe-Faced Bat, the Electrolux Sleeper Ray, Central Ranges Taipan Snake, Dim the Rhino Beetle, and more.

100 Years after the Tunguska Blast

Quick look at the Tunguska Blast event that occurred in central Siberia 100 years ago, in June 1908. Was it a comet? Meteor? UFO?

Peckman Alien Video Updates

Jeff Peckman made news with his ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver. His announcement was accompanied by a promise to show compelling video of an alien looking through a window.

A Ghost in a Bottle - Only $20

Buy a ghost in a bottle for just $20. Supernatural, or novelty? You decide. Ghosts trapped by ghost hunters in haunted houses, hotels, ships and cemeteries are sealed in bottles. Just make sure you don't let them out!

Latest Phoenix UFO Mystery Solved!

On the night of April 12, 2008, witnesses reported seeing strange lights in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona. Chinese Sky lanterns were set aloft as part of the festivities for a teenager's birthday party and were mistaken for UFOs. Well, they were UFOs until an explanation was discovered.

UK Law Holds Psychics Accountable

A Consumer Protection Regulations Law is replacing the original Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951. Psychic swindlers, mediums and other frauds will need to offer a disclosure to clients before they provide their services, however dubious.

UFO Sighting Explained!

UFO identified. Explained as optical illusion.

Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Gary Gygax, creator of the famous fantasy roll playing game, Dungeons & Dragons, passes away. Some thoughts and memories about the game and it's designer.

Photo of Bigfoot on Mars - Not Quite

Mars Bigfoot Picture. Does a photo taken by one of NASA's Mars rovers show evidence of life on Mars in the form of Bigfoot? Not really. It's an optical illusion. Just a small rock about 15 feet in front of the camera. It's amazing what some people fool themselves into believing.

T.A.P.S. revisited. Yep, Popular delusion.

Another look at belief in ghosts, magical thinking, and The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S.) who keep the spirit alive, so to speak, by completely ignoring the facts, and forgoing rational thought and logic.

TAPS - Self Deluded

The popularity of TV shows like TAPS ghost hunters, and psychics on talk shows, help perpetuate ignorance and belief in the supernatural. All human beings should maintain a healthy skepticism when it comes to paranormal and supernatural claims. Popularity is not proof. Take a look at some TAPS ghost videos and see what we may really be looking at.

Ghost Video, Angel, Bag or Bug

Is this video of a ghost caught on camera, an angel, a bag or a bug? A surveillance camera at a service station in Parma, Ohio captures strange blue, fuzzy object. It may not be so supernatural after all.

Continued Ignorance and the Lore of Old Higue

On Saturday, April 28th, 2007, a woman was beaten to death by a group of villagers in Bare Root, East Coast Demerara, Guyana, who believed that she was an "Old Higue." This is sad proof that basic reasoning and logic are scarce in many parts of the world. Scarier yet is the the idea that many people living right in our own cities and towns believe this crap too.

Sylvia Browne's Damaging Claims!

Sylvia Browne's erroneous claims of a missing boys death, and the description of his attacker, serve as evidence that she may be lacking in her proclaimed psychic abilities. She compounded their grief, shattered the parents' hope, and misdirected a police investigation. Sylvia Browne probably never expected that she would be so far off the mark. It would seem that her claims weren't vague enough, as the claims of psychics usually are.

In Memory of Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan is responsible, through books like The Demon Haunted World, for making scientific truth more attractive, and accessible, to the general public. Science is more than just the way to the truth, it's fun, even cool! Science tackles mysteries of our world and the cosmos. Mysteries for which there are answers, and proof to behold.

Real Werewolves in New Jersey

Werewolf article. Is it possible that werewolves do exist? Since I can remember I've been intrigued by these creatures of lore, but I know they are not a reality. Modern accounts of encounters with man-sized, wolf-like creatures are presented in two books written by Linda S. Godfrey. "The Beast of Bray Road," and "Hunting the American Werewolf"

Entertaining Belief & Skepticism

When you believe in the unexplained you risk missing out on the real wonders of the world. A belief system, even belief in god, may provide hope but it does not provide proof of the things it claims are real.

Bigfoot vs. the Jersey Devil

The New Jersey Devil is a legend, but nothing more than folklore, a tall tale of the supernatural manages to survive through each century. Bigfoot is not the Jersey Devil, though some may have misused the phrase to described giant hairy man-beasts. Here is the truth...

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs

Full review and commentary on the documentary DVD Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs.

Darkness Hides the Truth

An article discusses the common thread of paranormal mysteries. Most experiences happen at night. Could it be because darkness masks the truth of what is really there, or not there? Things can be easily imagined in the dark. At night mysteries return with the darkness and mingle with our timeless facination with the unexplained.

The Wanaque Vortex - Reality or Delusion

Correspondence with Sargel18, aka Bryan Williams, regarding the alleged Wanaque vortext, reveals a hostility in response to being questioned about the validity of his claims. The Wanaque vortext is likely the creation of an imaginative person who is attempting to profit from his creation, which he considers a metaphysical revelation. He attempted to profit by listing alleged artifacts on ebay for as much as 1 million dollars.

Break Away from Belief

For those interested in studying the paranormal -- ghost hunters, budding UFOlogists, and others -- I must suggest you begin your journey by reading a book that will help explain the reality behind many things considered paranormal. The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by the late Carl Sagan.

Real Monsters - A Basis in Fact

Mutations, disfigurements and conditions like hypertry chosis, may be basis in fact behind monster myths and legends, vampires, werewolf lore, even the cyclops. Rick Johns discussed this during a lecture in 2005 in NIU Holmes Student Center.

Where are the UFO's

Why are UFO's so hard to see? Could most reported sightings be nothing more than misidentification of known aircraft or aerial objects?

Bigfoot in New Jersey

Recent New Jersey bigfoot sightings and the introduction of the NJ Bigfoot Reporting Center. Since the 1800's hairy creatures called Bigfoot or Wild Men have been seen in New Jersey. Could there be something to this mystery? Through the collection of reports and examination of data and evidence we hope to get closer to an answer.

The Ghost Light Phenomenon

Mystery ghost lights, spook lights of the united states. A look at possible causes for strange lights. The Bragg Road Ghost Light, Brown Mountain Lights and the Marfa Lights are discussed, including possible causes like optical illusion, ball lightning and disturbances along fault lines.

Manitoba Update

The 2 minute, 49 second videotape depicting a large, dark figure walking along the bank of the Nelson River, near Norway House, Manitoba, Canada, has been sold to an unnamed U.S. television show.