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A Haunting in PA 3: Mary Potter’s Haunted House

As Mary spoke of her strange encounters I pretended to take notes. To be honest, I expected this to be just another case of some half-wit thinking their house is haunted while an ordinary explanation is readily available, and forthcoming with minor investigative effort. For example: water hammer in the plumbing supply lines; expansion or contraction of floor boards and beams; rats. Neighbors. Read more

A Haunting in Pennsylvania Part 2

I found my notes on this one the other day while I was cleaning out my desk so I thought it would be a good idea to finish what I started here. Read more

The Blimp that Ate PA

CmdsJlens1” by U.S. Army – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Getting to this a bit late, been busy with some other stuff.

So I’m standing there in my back yard watching a squirrel bury his nuts and this huge white nerfy-looking blimp drifts over my house. For a minute I thought, “oh, it must be a promotion or something.” Read more

Back from my Paranormal Vacation

Haunted Cemetery I investigated while on vacation.

Haunted Cemetery I investigated while on vacation.

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a.k.a: A Haunting in Pennsylvania Part 1

The thumbprint was not Andy’s. I found that out by comparing the print on the note to a print I lifted from the trunk of his car while he was out in his field getting high. Well, I assume he was getting high, he may have just been burning some underbrush. But the smoke was thick and I heard him cough. Read more

Andy is Getting Creepy

I walked out to my garden earlier today and noticed that my hot peppers have just taken off! I mean these buggers are really growing like crazy. Actually all of my plants are taking off. My seedlings sprouted like Jack’s magic beans. Unbelievable. Read more

Mothman Sighting in Pennsylvania

My approach as a skeptic is to seek evidence to support claims of the paranormal or cryptozoological, instead I find a profusion of data that point entirely in the opposite direction. This is why I remain utterly perplexed following an experience I had over the weekend. If I do not get to the bottom of it I may have to concede that at least some of these mysteries may be for real. Read more