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Bigfoot Official Critter of Whitehall NY and Marion NC

Whitehall NY Bigfoot Statue

Ahh why not Marion, NC too? The village of Whitehall, NY, dubbed the old Cryptozoological poster-cryptid their official animal last month, there’s plenty of Squatch to go around. I can

Why Smart Guys think Bigfoot is Real

I have no clue, but I thought that was a good post title. Many years have I swatted mosquitoes and pinched loafs in the field looking for tracks, listening for

Drumming for Bigfoot

I was napping in my comfy chair next to the fireplace, here in my secluded cabin somewhere in the dense wilderness of northwestern PA, and woke abruptly when my smartphone

Mountain Monsters on Destination America

I don’t always get the greatest cell phone reception up here in the wilderness of northwestern Pennsylvania. The spooky mountains that surround my home may be high, but they are

Ketchum Sasquatch DNA – Human Bigfoot Hybrid

In November of 2012 a report was released by DNA Diagnostics, well, a press release really. The following claim was made: Our study has sequenced 20 whole mitochondrial genomes and

Montana Bigfoot Hoaxer Killed by Car

You’ve no doubt heard the story. Montana man Randy Lee Tenley, 44, was struck and killed while running across highway 93 near Kalispell. He was apparently dressed in a Ghillie