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Why Smart Guys think Bigfoot is Real

I have no clue, but I thought that was a good post title. Many years have I swatted mosquitoes and pinched loafs in the field looking for tracks, listening for

Moon Hoaxes, Bases, and Stupid People

For best results read this post in the style of the late, great George Carlin. You know what pisses me off? Well, what really pisses me off is that half

Monster Energy Drink Satan Worship

In the 1980s and 90s a bogus rumor circulated that then Proctor and Gamble CEO donated a portion of the company’s profits to the Church of Satan. The same exact

Singing Jibberish GOP Candidate for US Senate

This has got me steamed, pun intended. I actually toyed with the idea of moving to Alaska. Love the place, can’t wait to visit, but I’m not man enough to

NVidia Tegra K1 Crop Circle Project 192

“I’m a skeptic but, this could be aliens I don’t know. I’m always willing to believe something so…” rambled a gawker standing along side a field in Salinas, California, to

Did an Object Hit the Texas Fertilizer Plant?

The video seen below shows raw footage of the Waco Texas fertilizer plant fire and explosion. There has been speculation, by some imaginative fantasy-prone individuals, that the explosion was caused