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A Haunting in PA 3: Mary Potter’s Haunted House

As Mary spoke of her strange encounters I pretended to take notes. To be honest, I expected this to be just another case of some half-wit thinking their house is

A Haunting in Pennsylvania Part 2

I found my notes on this one the other day while I was cleaning out my desk so I thought it would be a good idea to finish what I

The Blimp that Ate PA

“CmdsJlens1” by U.S. Army – Licensed under Public Domain via Commons. Getting to this a bit late, been busy with some other stuff. So I’m standing there in my

Back from my Paranormal Vacation

Haunted Cemetery I investigated while on vacation.

a.k.a: A Haunting in Pennsylvania Part 1 The thumbprint was not Andy’s. I found that out by comparing the print on the note to a print I lifted from the

Andy is Getting Creepy

I walked out to my garden earlier today and noticed that my hot peppers have just taken off! I mean these buggers are really growing like crazy. Actually all of

Mothman Sighting in Pennsylvania

My approach as a skeptic is to seek evidence to support claims of the paranormal or cryptozoological, instead I find a profusion of data that point entirely in the opposite