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Back from my Paranormal Vacation

Haunted Cemetery I investigated while on vacation.

a.k.a: A Haunting in Pennsylvania Part 1 The thumbprint was not Andy’s. I found that out by comparing the print on the note to a print I lifted from the

Amityville Horror Ad Nauseum

Holed up in an undisclosed location with my foot propped on a pillow after twisting my ankle chasing a Bigfoot off of my lawn, I cover surf Netflix TV Documentaries

Update on the State of the Strange

Still hearing that damned hum in my head, but it’s more toward the left side so I’m thinking it’s something with my ears, and not the subterranean tunnel construction rumbles

The Hooker Man Tale – One for Halloween

Well, it’s late now. Posting this so I don’t miss the mark this year for Halloween. What kind of paranormal website would this be if I didn’t post on Halloween?

More Mystery Booms in Wilmington, North Carolina

An “ear-witness” account of the fabled “Seneca guns.” Mysterious booms now reported from around the world, were recently heard in Wilmington, North Carolina, not far from Cape Fear, where the sounds have been reported in the past.

Strange Days Not Befalling Me…

God, Bigfoot, Mothman, The Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, ghosts… there are many reasons we believe, and not all of them can be turned off like a switch. Maybe people believe because they are unwilling to admit that our world could be so mundane compared to their imaginative fantasy. But our world is far from mundane.