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Siberian Craters Evidence of Hollow Earth

A mysterious crater recently discovered via satellite in the western United States (no one driving by in their cars really noticed it) hints at the activity of Hollow Earth dwellers.

Mysterious Hum Heard in Eastern PA

My first experience with this strange, low frequency hum was sometime back in 2001 in New Jersey. I was in my first home, alone, sitting up in bed one night

The Unexplained Files – Leave the Bunk Alone

As I said in my last post, we bounced back and forth between The Unexplained files and slightly better TV, Restaurant Impossible, and spent most of the time on the

The Unexplained FIles on Science Channel

The Unexplained Files premiers on Sci tonight and I plan to watch, but I will also find something else worthwhile and keep my finger on the [return] button to flick

Mysterious Sounds: The Hum

The mystery of The Hum. The first reports of mysterious, monotonous droning noises began in the 1940s and 50s, but the most well known case was the Bristol Hum, heard

Image of Jesus Appears on Fireplace Hearth

Is this image caused by natural minerals discoloring the stone, or is it a Christmas Miracle from God? Well, it can’t be a Christmas miracle, because I took the photo