Monster Energy Drink Satan Worship

In the 1980s and 90s a bogus rumor circulated that then Proctor and Gamble CEO donated a portion of the company’s profits to the Church of Satan. The same exact rumor circulated about fashion designer Liz Claiborne. These rumors were started by someone who was either a Christian fanatic, disgruntled employee or consumer, or just some dork who decided to have some fun and invent a stupid rumor. Maybe all of the above!

Through the years rumors like these have floated around, including idiotic things like 666 appears in all product barcodes, Snapple, Marlboro, and Timberland are owned by the KKK.

Rock bands weren’t immune either. You’ll recall, if you’re old enough to remember the cool bands, it was rumored that Led Zeppelin frequently used “backward masking” to send subliminal messages to fans, as did Rush, Kiss and Black Sabbath. God I love that shit. Funny, I was a teen listening to this exact music that was supposed to make me a Satanist, or kill my parents, or whatever. My Mom and Pop are alive and well, and all I did was become an atheist. Terry Watkins is an idiot.

Well, here we go again, this time energy drinks! A Christian extremist whack-a-do, Christine Weick, has concocted a satanic Monster Energy Drink conspiracy. Her most recent public appearance, when she ranted about Jesus during a Muslim prayer meeting, isn’t really that interesting, just stupid, but the Monster Energy Drink Satan worship cult conspiracy thing is funny.

Christine Weick =On November 9th a video hit youtube and quickly went viral. In the video Christine Weick, pictured left, accused Monster Beverage Corp. of being in league with ol’ Beelzebub.

She claimed, as you can see in the video above, that the Monster Energy Logo is made of of three characters that resemble the Hebrew Letter “Waw” (or “Vav”) which is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and so, “Vav Vav Vav” must equal “666.” Kind of logical. Very pointless, but kind of logical, if your brain happens to work that way.

According to “Waw” or “Vav” “literally means hook/peg/spear.” Okay, I’m sold. I mean, if that’s not clearly a letter satan would choose for his clandestine, evil purposes, what is? Monster Energy is obviously part of a Satanic Conspiracy.

Just a quick note: if you think Monster Energy might be satanists you should go take nappy time and maybe you’ll awake all grown up. And if you don’t want a nap, and can’t figure this out yourself, pay close attention and maybe you can actually understand why Weick’s claims are bullshit by reading the rest of this post.

Let’s begin with Exhibit A — the only exhibit required for our purposes — the Monster Logo and the Hebrew Letter “Waw” or “Vav” …
Monster Energy Logo and Letter Vav - Apokryphunk debunk

Take a look again, and carefully study the two images. Compare each of the vertical parts of the Monster Energy logo on the left to the “Vav” character on the right. It should take, oh, maybe three seconds. I’ll wait… Got it? Okay, let’s continue.

As you should notice, the only similarity between these characters is that they are in a vertical orientation and, in the case of the Monster logo, sort of resemble slashes. The character on the right does not really look the same. I mean, if you really wanted it to I guess it could kinda look like that, but it doesn’t. Not really. The Monster Energy Drink Logo looks like a claw mark, the Vav character looks like an upsidedown “L.”

Monster, large “M” logo designed to resemble slashes. Seems innocent enough.

The slash effect of the Monster Energy logo is consistent with the brand name, since monsters typically slash things with their horrific claws. Slashes are cool. Why do you think the former Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist calls himself Slash?

It stands to reason that the minds behind the Monster Energy Drink brand probably were just looking for a cool way to represent their product, this design does the job nicely. No satanic connection required. But nothing can ever be that basic with a fringe mind. There must always be a great conspiracy.

Christine Weick and other fringe religious fanatics make connections where there are no connections and come up with idiotic ideas they feel the need to push onto others.

That’s enough about that. Don’t even get me started with “Unleash the Beast.”

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