Missing Skulls Alert!

Box of Skulls photo by Drew Vics. NOT the stolen skulls, halloween decorations.

No, this isn’t paranormal but it is unexplained. And the above photo is property of the author and depicts rubber and plastic Halloween decorations. Just so you’ll know.

On March 3, 2022, a box of human skulls was stolen from a medical transport vehicle in the Central Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The skulls were intended for medical research when they were carted off, along with a dolly, after the thieves broke into the van, now they may be destined for college initiation rituals, someone’s morbid home collection, or seriously legit Halloween decor.

Let’s be clear, stealing human remains is not cool, not even if you think you’re Victor Frankenstein. The heads are still at large, and it’s possible that the perps didn’t even know what they were snatching when they made off with the boney human remains. They might be in for one hell of a surprise.

Science Care issued the following statement through CBS Denver:

“We were made aware of the theft immediately and we have been working closely with local Denver authorities to investigate this crime. We are doing everything we can to locate the stolen tissue and protect the community. Due to the sensitive nature of our business, and as there are several ongoing investigations, we do not have any further comment on this criminal matter.

This is an extremely rare situation. If anyone has any information on this crime, or on the whereabouts of the box or donated tissue, we urge you to please contact the Denver Police or Science Care at media@sciencecare.com. We look forward to a safe resolution of this situation.”

The Mystery of the Delphos Ring UFO Sighting

50 Years Ago, on November 2, 1971, sixteen year old Ron Johnson was tending sheep on the family farm in Delphos, Kansas. He heard his mom calling him for dinner and, as the story goes, when he turned to reply his attention was drawn to a strange mushroom-shaped object hovering in the air about 75 feet away, making a sound not dissimilar to an old vibrating washing machine.

I believe that’s the first time in UFO history such a description was used for the sound of a hovering object. If someone was sitting in this rattling contraption hovering above the earth, and if there were intelligent space beings that somehow made a harrowing trip across the cosmos in that thing, I hope they had a mechanic check it out before they drove it back home. Could have been a loose muffler or something.

Now back to the story…. Ronnie claimed the craft appeared to be about six to eight feet in diameter, which is pretty small when you consider it. That’s an awful cramped space to travel that far. Humans require huge RVs to go just a few thousand miles.

Anyway, according to the story (there’s even a book about it on Amazon.com with a massively long title: The Compelling Scientific Evidence for UFOs: The Analysis of the Delphos, Kansas UFO Landing Report Paid Link) the object was hovering just a few feet above the ground and left a circular area of bare land where, from then on, grass refused to grow.

Upon investigation the affected soil was found to be resistant to water, and when compared to soil samples from outside of the ring it was found to contain more calcium, soluble salts, was more acidic, and apparently contained an unidentified hydrocarbon. There was also a white, fibrous, crystalline material found in the soil.

Let’s take a look at these chemical findings first. Off the bat we can exclude calcium, salts and acidic soil as evidence of some strange event. Those components are not uncommon in soil, and plants tend not to thrive in acidic soil so that could explain the bare spot. Hydrocarbons in the soil, especially in this situation (it’s a farm), can be explained by various agricultural operations including the use of pesticides, and regular use of farming equipment or vehicles.

Next, the white stuff. I read this thing (which is consistent with other reports on the Delphos ring, indicating that they’re all just regurgitating the same information), and according Jacques Vallée, a well known French astronomer who wears many hats including UFOlogist, the white material was analyzed by a French biologist and found to be actinobacteria, and referred to in the report as a form of fungus.

Just a note: Actinobacteria is not fungus. As the name not so subtly implies, it is bacteria. It is also common in soil, especially in forest areas (you know, around trees). The only thing fungus-like about actinobacteria is their tendency to form colonies and develop into whitish, stranded, branching formations called hyphae.

So, funny white fungus-like bacteria, trace forms of calcium, salt and acidic soil do not indicate that something weird happened. It means something rather normal happened. It happens all over the place. Soil isn’t just some inert stuff sitting there waiting for us to look at it. Natural processes are happening all the time.

But why is it shaped like a ring, and why doesn’t it absorb water? Since we have learned that the soil was not really that strange, those remaining factors can be relatively easily deduced. It may have been that the soil had be come too compacted to readily absorb water, and the things that compacted the soil could be the very same things that caused the ring and the acidic quality of the soil.

Remember this was a sheep farm, and sheep pee. Put a bunch of peeing sheep with trampling hooves around a circular bale feeder, day after day, and you’ll have compacted salty soil in no time.

That’s just my theory, but I think it’s a good one. It doesn’t take an unidentified hovering object to make a circle of dry dirt on a farm. Farm animals can do that with no trouble at all.

But why would a sixteen year old boy make up such a far-fetched tale about a hovering UFO? Come on now… telling stories is what humans do.





Paranormal Reality TV Shows

As the years go by I find myself stumbling on more and more paranormal reality shows while surfing the boob-tube for something entertaining to watch. Yeah I said boob-tube. I’m old. Anyhow, you’d think with literally hundreds if not thousands of channels to choose from on any given television service we’d be able to find enjoyable content, but my wife and I settle on a very few regular TV shows which include Maine Cabin Masters, Chopped, Restaurant Impossible, Forensic Files and reruns of NCIS [Paid Links].

When I’m watching by myself I may start with some paranormal show, just because I have to stay in the loop, but inevitably I end up watching a movie or binging a series on Netflix, or going back to movies or reruns of shows from my private collection.

It seems that television has very little to offer these days, that is if you’re looking for something relatively rewarding. We no longer have thirteen channels of crap, but more than one-thousand. The minimum “plan” when I signed up for Dish Network was something like 200. Truthfully I watch from a selection of about eight regular channels during the week. If you’re looking for a bunch of nonsense designed to sell advertising and products you won’t be disappointed.

And it’s not cheap. Look, back when TV was free, over-the-air broadcasting we got commercials because the networks needed some way of making money on the shows they produced. That’s an easy model to comprehend. Then Cable TV came along and those who wanted free movies and other content could pay to get it. That was the heyday of MTV, HBO, Showtime and all of that stuff. Now we pay for cable or satellite TV, AND WE GET MORE ADS THAN BEFORE! But I digress. This isn’t about my disdain for big corporations raping America. It’s about Paranormal TV.

Let’s talk some real bunk. Take shows like Paranormal Caught on Camera or Ghost Adventures for example. They make stuff up. Really and truly. They straight up bullshit you. It’s a show with an audience, and they need to get ratings to sell ads. PERIOD.

It should be clear to anyone watching that the “phenomena” presented on these shows really are only one of two things: convenient occurrences, like sounds or visual effects, that lend themselves to an interpretation of paranormal activity (which should not be the first conclusion), or blatant deception. There I said it. That these shows still thrive can only mean one thing: the audience is gullible.

Paranormal Caught on Camera presents surveillance videos or cellphone clips of alleged paranormal activity with commentary by select celebrities in the field. Each and every time we are presented with events that can be explained, somehow, if you actually wanted to take time to think about it. There is actually nothing out of the ordinary happening. These videos are the result of clever object manipulation, clever costumes and camera angles. The videos are completely falsely described and faked.

It doesn’t take much to slide a chair across the floor without touching it, or close a door, or have objects slide off of shelves or launch from tables. These things are easily done with strings, wires, fishing line, or someone just out of sight physically pushing the object.

Creative people exist in this world, and are completely capable of creating videos of weird creatures and unexplained phenomena.

In a recent clip a jinn was allegedly terrorizing a man as he walked through an abandoned house. One scene clearly shows a door leaning haphazardly against the other side of a door jamb opposite the camera as the person pans the room. He begins to enter another room to the right, where a door is clearly hanging on hinges. Suddenly a loud noise startles the guy and the camera shakes mercilessly, obscuring everything, until it finally returns to the previous doorway, where we see the door that had just been leaning is now falling to the floor.

The announcer states that a door was forcibly torn from the hinges and thrown to the floor. This is a complete lie. It’s clear that the door could easily have been pushed by someone standing on the other side of that wall but the celebrity commentators ignore this and instead agree that something supernatural is going on.

Another example from Paranormal Caught on Camera is a video which clearly shows a cloud formation in which a particular lenticular cloud, known as a pileus, forms above cumulus cloud and in this case is “pierced” by the cumulus, which then rises through and above the pileus. See this Wikipedia article for more information. This is a cool and completely explainable natural phenomenon, but the hosts jump right to the conclusion that it must be an alien spaceship obscuring itself in the clouds.

Why do I care? Because entertainment is entertainment, but lies are lies. These shows display no disclaimer stating that these are likely phony, hoaxed events they are going to show you. They present them as real.

The problem with this kind of TV is that it doesn’t educate, it just bamboozles. Hey, whatever sells ads right? It would be better to see shows like this explain how the events could be, and in fact are, faked.

With facts readily at hand anywhere online why do people fall for such nonsense? Maybe they don’t. Maybe they just need something stupid to watch that supports their belief in the paranormal.

Oakville Blobs – Strange Goo from the Sky

The Stories

The term Fortean Phenomena—so-named for Charles Fort, an American journalist who collected reports of odd occurrences—describes a wide range of mysterious things and happenings including falling frogs and fish, ball lightning, UFOs, poltergeist activity, spontaneous human combustion and other strangeness.

What occurred in Oakville, Washington, in August of 1994 would certainly qualify as a Fortean event.

On August 7, 1994, Police Officer David Lacey was driving through Oakville, WA., with a friend who had joined him for a ride-along. It was 3 AM, raining, and something strange was happening as raindrops splatted on the windshield. Officer Lacey noticed long streaks forming across the glass as the wipers swept back and forth, reducing visibility. He stopped the cruiser and the two got out to see what was going on.

On the windshield were small sticky balls of clear goo, each smaller than a grain of rice. As the two men watched, the strange substance continued to rain down on their shoulders and surrounding area. Lacey donned a pair of latex gloves he kept in the car and gathered a bunch of small globs in his hand. Strangely, according to his account, the individual balls coalesced into a glob and oozed through his fingers.

Baffled by this bizarre stuff Lacey and his friend stopped at a gas station to clean off the windshield.

Mere hours later Lacey would fall ill, suffering with nausea, fever and vertigo. There is no report indicating that Lacey’s friend had developed any similar symptoms.

The strangeness wasn’t isolated to the policeman’s windshield though. Dotty Hearn was at the farm of her daughter, Sunny Barclift, and noticed the gelatinous material falling across the yard and upon the farmhouse porch. She initially assumed it was hail and touched some which had landed on a firewood storage box on her front porch. It was not hail.

Shortly after coming in contact with the substance Hearn began experiencing vertigo and nausea, and fever. She was hospitalized after collapsing on the bathroom floor, where her daughter had found her. Following a three day stay in the hospital for observation she was released. According to Sunny Barclift the doctor had diagnosed an inner ear infection but later commended that he didn’t know what caused her illness; that it was “some type of virus.”

Within days of the rain Barclift’s kitten died, and within a few weeks her mother’s dogs fell ill. Barclift states that she suffered nausea after the first rain, and developed severe bronchitis six weeks later. In all, according to a diary allegedly kept by Dotty Hearn, the strange rain of material occurred six times over the course of three weeks.

Another Oakville resident, Beverly Roberts, also claims to have encountered the mysterious substance. According to Roberts’ account she found a couple of gallons of the material by the roadside, a frog and raven lying dead nearby. Wearing rubber gloves she collected a sample, and days later fell ill just like Officer Lacey, Sunny Barclift and Dotty Hearn.

According to Roberts, the sample she collected remained in a tall jar in her yard until years later when she received a request from a Japanese television show and mailed the jar off to them. Some time later she received $100 and a DVD from them, but according to a report in The Daily Chronicle in 2014, she has yet to watch it. There isn’t any other information available about Beverly Roberts’ story.

What were the unexplained, minuscule blobs that fell across Oakville?

Suggestions proposed to explain the gelatinous rain include military bomb tests along the California coast that blasted bits of jellyfish high into the atmosphere where they later fell along with rain. Witnesses disagree, and Dotty Hearn indicated in an interview that the stuff had no smell as you would expect from rotting marine life.

While that explanation may sound plausible, it seems that it would take one heck of a blast to lob pulverized jellyfish far enough into the atmosphere to become part of the weather, a lot of jellyfish too. But would bits of jellyfish reform into a single gooey mass when collected, as Officer Lacey observed?

Another proposed explanation is that the material was lavatory waste jettisoned from an airliner far overhead. This theory doesn’t work. Airline toilets contain a blue-colored liquid disinfectant to treat onboard waste but the Oakville Blobs were clear and quite a bit smaller than chunks of airline dung. Also, pilots and crew members do not have onboard access to controls for offloading the stuff while in the air.

If some waste happens to leak during a flight the disinfectant will typically freeze on the fuselage at high altitudes and fall to the ground in the form of “blue ice” after it thaws enough to drop off, which usually happens on approach for landing. It wouldn’t necessarily sprinkle over wide area.

So if not jellyfish or airplane waste what were the mysterious tacky globs of sticky rice that landed across Oakville, WA?

Oakville Blobs in the Lab

According to Barclift a sample of the substance was taken to a lab by Dr. Little, who had examined her mother. An unknown lab technician reported that a human white blood cell was found in the sample. This finding was not confirmed by subsequent examinations.

Barclift then sent a sample to the Washington State Health lab where epidemiologist Mike McDowell examined it. McDowell states he discovered bacteria in the gelatinous material, specifically pseudomonas fluorescens and enterobacter collacae.

McDowell kept the sample for further studies and ultimately proposed that the material itself was a manmade matrix created as a carrier mechanism for the spread of bacteria or a virus. Allegedly, according to Sunny Barclift, soon after bringing this suspicion to the attention of his supervisor McDowell discovered that the sample had been taken from his lab. In subsequent conversations his supervisor advised him not to ask any more questions.

Further examination by one Mike Osweiler with the Washington State Department of Ecology apparently revealed little more than confirmation of bacteria, though his findings didn’t identify any particular strains.

Barclift had stored a sample of the substance in her freezer and a year after the strange rain events she brought that frozen sample to Tim Davis at Amtest Laboratories. In a rather inconclusive statement for Unsolved Mysteries (Season 9 Episode 6 which aired November 8,1996) Davis said, “I saw what I think was a eukaryotic cell…”

Davis did not confirm whether the cell he thought he saw was an animal, plant or fungal type of eukaryote.

In her personal letter presented online at medium.com, Sunny Barclift suggests that the substance that rained down over Oakville, Washington during those many weeks of August in 1994 was evidence of a military “continuity exercise” though I can find no instance where that phrase is used to describe military testing on civilians. The term is typically used in reference to continuity of government, and business continuity exercises.

In 1994 Oakville had a population of just around 500 people for its half square mile of land area. Some might consider this the perfect location for clandestine biological testing. Far fetched? Not really. While it may seem unimaginable that US military forces would do this, a test on Oakville wouldn’t be the first time biological testing was done on unsuspecting U.S. citizens.

In his book Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas Dr. Leonard Cole details a seven day test conducted over San Francisco, beginning September 20 1950, in which a US Navy ship sprayed microbiological agents into the air, infusing the infamous San Francisco fog.

Is it possible that the strange rain which fell over Oakville was a military biological test? If it was, why would they use common bacteria? Both pseudomonas fluorescens and enterobacter collacae can be found in soil and in water. Enterobacter collacae can also be found in sewage and vegetables and is common gut flora of many humans and animals. These may have been contaminants already on the ground and not part of the true origin of the gelatinous glop.

So what was this stuff? If the last lab test is true, and there was in fact a eukaryotic cell present, is it possible that the stuff was was some kind of fungal spores that settled across the landscape, carried aloft and distributed by the wind, and deposited as a fine dust that went undetected until it rained. Witnesses may have seen the gelatinous form after the rain had fallen, and assumed the stuff was falling in that small blob-like form.

Maybe a dense airborne cloud of fine particles, containing the bacteria became caught up in the atmosphere and were held aloft, blending with precipitation and forming the strange gooey droplets that fell. Where these particles originated is anyone’s guess.

Why did people get sick? If enterobacter cloacae was present and somehow inhaled it can cause respiratory infections but typically only in people with a compromised immune system.

It is also possible that a severe virus was making its way through town coincidentally and the illnesses may not have been directly related to the rain at all. Remember Oakville is roughly half a square mile in area with a population of around 500 at the time.

The story of the Oakville Blobs is a true mystery that has gone unsolved for twenty-seven years. It’s hard to explain such a mysterious event, but there must be a logical explanation. We just haven’t discovered it yet.

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Strange Monolith Spotted by Helicopter Crew in Utah

I’ll admit I caught the web-sleuth bug after reading about the intriguing find by the big horn sheep counting crew in Utah. I began poking around on Google Earth and trying to narrow down a location. Spent way too much time on it to be honest. I even went back in time using FlightRadar24 and found a helicopter flight path that meandered around just southwest of Arches National Park the morning of Monday the 16th. After a couple of hours poking around my eyes started to dry up in their sockets so I had to stop. My wife was having fun watching her Sherlock Holmes scour the satellite imagery.

The next day we’d learn that I wasn’t so far off in my choice of search location. Soon after this story broke, Reddit users began combing the digital desert, narrowing down the flight path and discovering the so-called monolith a little farther south than my search area, closer to Dead Horse State Park.

A keen Redditer, after looking back through past Google imagery, noticed that the object first appeared on satellite images in October of 2016. That rules out John McCracken, whom I mentioned in my original writeup on this topic. McCracken passed away in 2011. Maybe it’s a tribute.

Apparently the area has been used for filming, most recently for the show Westworld, which actually used the area of Dead Horse National Park in 2016, the same year the monolith appeared on satellite images. Maybe some of the crew were having a little fun with extra set materials.

The mystery continues. I’ll report back as I learn more.

The Original Story:
Members of the public safety department were in a helicopter, aloft over the remote high desert of Utah, assisting wildlife resource officers count big horn sheep when one of the crew spotted something strange. There, poking out of the red sandy landscape below, was a tall silvery monument of some kind.

Circling around, the pilot maneuvered the chopper back to the location and set down nearby so they could take a closer look. The crew made the precarious hike down into the canyon to examine the strange metal thing standing alone amid eons of eroded sandstone like some strange beacon from another world.

Maybe, like the monolith found by prehistoric hominids in Stanley Kubrick’s 2002: A Space Odyssey, the gleaming object found in this remote area of Utah heralds an impending change in the development and evolution of humankind.

Or maybe it’s art. The pilot of the chopper speculated that it could be the work of a new age artist. One suggestion is that it is a piece by the late minimalist artist John McCracken who is known for creating such sculptures using various mediums including plywood, fiberglass, polyester resin, polished stainless steel and bronze.

Metallic monolith found in remote Utah canyon, Nov 2020

As the crew walked around the object, which stands roughly twelve feet high, they determined it was securely “planted” into the earth. Photos that the Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau posted on Instagram soon after it was found show that the object is made of metal with fasteners spaced at regular intervals along the edge, likely used to hold the panels of the three-sided form together.

Without some serious examination and investigation it would be difficult to determine when the object was placed in it’s current location, or by whom. It’s likely that it was transported clandestinely to the spot and assembled on site.

While it is fairly certain that the object came to its current resting place at the hands of an unknown visitor in an unidentified flying object, there is little doubt that the visitor is a creative human being. Regardless of the details, this secretly placed work of art does what it is intended to do: wonderfully shrouded in it’s own mystery, it kindles the imagination.

Elvis Death Conspiracy Theories

There is this fun little podcast I listen too called Conspiracy Theories by Parcast, hosted by Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy. If you’re interested in conspiracies, whether you believe them or not, I highly recommend you give it a listen. Some conspiracies they discuss will have you scratching your head. Not is all as it seems, it would seem.

Recently the hosts discussed the death of Elvis Presley and the many conspiracy theories that have cropped up after his untimely demise which suggest that The King faked his death and has been spotted alive in various places around the world, including in the film Home Alone.

Some people just can’t let dead rock stars rest in peace. Faked death conspiracy theories exist for many, allegedly, deceased celebrities including Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Andy Kaufman, and others. Over the years I had heard of the occasional Elvis sighting or death hoax and let it pass as nonsense, but after hearing this particular episode of the Conspiracy Theories podcast I decided to take a closer look at a few of these theories that some believe prove that Elvis faked his death and is still alive sipping Mai Tais in Tahiti.

ONE: The Overloaded Coffin Theory

Did some nitwit overload the coffin? In this entertaining hoaxed Elvis death conspiracy theory it is suggested that the coffin weighed in excess of 900 lbs, which would mean either Elvis had gathered substantial girth prior to his death, or that the person responsible for the simple, yet clandestine, task of loading some sandbags into an empty coffin screwed up and added a couple hundred pounds to the King’s bulk. Can this be true?

According to a 2016 article on Huffington Post, written by retired homicide detective and forensic coroner Garry Rodgers, reexamining the details known about Elvis’ health and the circumstances surrounding his death, Elvis was in bad shape at the time of his death and it is estimated that he weighed in the neighborhood of 350 lbs. I’m not sure where the author got that estimate but some reports of that weight claim the information came from a close confidante of The King, a member of his’ “Memphis Mafia”.

Other reports claim his weight at death was closer to 260 lbs or so. Let’s check out the deets.

Is 900 lbs a lot for a coffin with Elvis in it? For your standard coffin it is, most don’t typically exceed 200 lbs or so but a National seamless copper deposit casket, like the one Elvis was buried in, can weigh as much as 600 to 800 lbs. In the former case, a 600 lb coffin holding a 350 lb Elvis would have topped out at 950, which is, as the conspiracy states, in excess of 900 lbs. What about a 260 lb Elvis? Given the weight variation of the particular style of coffin, let’s say the coffin was closer to 700 lbs, this would still put the total weight well over 900 lbs.

So, if some sneaky goon loaded that coffin with sandbags to replicate the weight of Elvis while The King was putting in a call to the helicopter, they were pretty much right on nuggets. Just because the coffin weighed more than what some fervent conspiracy theorists expected, doesn’t mean Elvis wasn’t in it.

Elvis had gained substantial weight and was in pretty poor health. His regular use of prescribed narcotics and notoriously poor diet, along with some genetic predispositions, led to a rapid decline in health between 1973 and 1977. Sadly Elvis Presley passed away of cardiac arrest on August 16, 1977, while sitting on the toilet at his Graceland mansion.

Let’s let the sleeping King of Rock rest in peace. Yes, I said helicopter. Next…

Elvis Presley

TWO: The Mysterious Elvis Escape Helicopter Theory

Apparently there is a photo in existence somewhere that depicts a black helicopter flying over Graceland on the day of Elvis Presley’s death. I can’t find the photo in it’s entirety online however, just a fudged comparison between it and other Graceland images. The claim made by whoever brought the photo to pubic attention is that the helicopter is secretly flying Elvis, alive and well, away from Graceland at the time of his funeral.

First things first: the photo is not from 1977. The height of the bushes, trees or whatever they are, along the front of the house is consistent with the height of the bushes, trees or hedges, after it was turned into an historic landmark attraction, not at the time of the legendary musicians death. When Elvis passed the greenery along the front of Graceland mansion was quite a bit taller. At some point in the years after his death they were either trimmed down to the nubs or completely torn out and replaced.

What I’m thinking is this: why the hell would Elvis wait until the exact day of his funeral to fly off to parts unknown? Anyone trying to fake their own death would get the heck out of Dodge as soon as possible, before anyone notices the sandbags in the coffin. That’s what I’m saying.

The photo isn’t necessarily a piece of Photoshopery either. It could simply be a picture of a dark colored chopper flying along in the distance with the Graceland mansion in the foreground. This is an un-conspiracy. Simply a dumb hoax.

THREE: Elvis is Alive and Appears as an Extra in Home Alone Theory

This is a good one. I’m not sure of the actual number of people who resemble Elvis Presley, but I’m sure it’s a big figure. Many people can sort-of resemble anyone. I bet more ordinary people bear a closer resemblance to Elvis than most Elvis impersonators do.

Gary Grott, extra actor in Home Alone, and apparent Elvis look-alike

With that in mind, and the basic understanding that coincidences occur, I suggest that the extra standing behind Macaulay Culkin’s mom at the airline ticket counter in Home Alone is just some guy who happens to resemble elvis. In reality the fellow’s name is Gary Grott, and he also shares a passing resemblance to Bob Seger, and a guy who lived down the street from me when I was 15. Some people just have a look.

Sadly Mr. Grott passed away in 2016. So we’ll let him rest in peace too.

And FOUR: Elvis is Pastor Bob Joyce

Wait a minute, let me get this straight. Elvis faked his death so he could move to Arizona and pastor a faith ministry?

No. Just, no. Anyone with a functioning noodle in their head would immediately see that Bob Joyce looks like a lot more like an aging Jim Morrison than Elvis Presley. Regardless of this obvious oversight, some congregants and conspiracy theorists think that Bob Joyce might be the return of The King despite the fact that Bob Joyce himself doesn’t even support the idea.

If the man himself denies it how does the conspiracy persist? Easy, people living a vapid existence with too much time on their hands believe this kind of carp regardless of evidence to the contrary.

I don’t know what Pastor Joyce is selling but it can’t be much more than a hunk a hunk o’ burnin’ Jesus love. Give the guy a break.

That does it for me. I’m sure there are more Elvis sightings and theories but I’m up for just accepting the fact that The King of Rock and Roll was in poor health after eating way to many Fool’s Gold Loaf sandwitches and bugers, regularly taking prescription drugs and generally living an unhealthy and high stress lifestyle. The poor guy died. RIP Elvis Presley.

No confirmed conspiracies here. But, maybe Bob Joyce is Jim Morrison. It’s not much more of a stretch than the Elvis conspiracy to think that Mr. Mojo Risin’ himself faked his death in Paris and high-tailed it to Arizona to preach.

Sad News – Sig Haig Passes Away at 80

I know this is supposedly supposed to be an alleged paranormal site of some kind, but I can’t help it. My wife recently informed me that Sid Haig has passed away.

“Who was Sid Haig?” You might ask.

It’s not hard to imagine the possibility that 90% of Americans ages of 40 and up who watched television with any frequency during the 60s, 70s and 80s, have seen Sid Haig, probably more than one time, and didn’t even know it. Haig has been in more films and TV shows than Dennis Fimple! If you’re within a certain age range and remember the best decades of TV and film, you have seen these faces.

It is almost a guarantee that most horror fans will recognize Sid Haig because of his role as Captain Spaulding in the Rob Zombie film House of 1000 Corpses.

Sid Haig has appeared in over 145 films and TV shows spanning more than 40 years. He kept quite busy during the the first three decades of his career, but took some time off because he felt typecast as a tough guy, or “heavy” as he put it. At one time he commented, “They just kept giving me the same parts but just putting different clothes on me. It was stupid, and I resented it…”

He jumped back into the industry when Quentin Tarantino cast him in the role of a judge for the film Jackie Brown. Three years later he would be meeting with Rob Zombie to develop the character of Captain Spaulding in Zombie’s horror film House of 1000 Corpses.

That movie created a cult following for Haig and he became a regular guest at horror conventions, and appeared in many more films including the House of 1000 Corpses sequels The Devils Rejects and Three From Hell.

Sid Haig was hospitalized after a fall at his home and was recovering when he suffered an unfortunate event. He had vomited in his sleep and aspirated. Due to a monitoring system the staff responded and he was immediately tended to and stabilized. His lungs were cleared but he subsequently developed a lung infection which he ultimately did not recover from.

Sid Haig was 80 years old. RIP you crazy clown. We love you and miss you.

Sasquatch Speaks – A Review

This film is disturbing to watch, and I think that is due to the sheer level of delusion presented. Look, believe what you want, we all have zany ideas, but this kind of stuff typically doesn’t survive an elementary education. To see grown people sitting around talking about telepathic communication with Bigfoot, the healing powers of Sasquatch, and higher love frequencies being the secret to connecting with the “forest people”, as if they have been bestowed with some special arcane knowledge that supersedes any academic or scientific knowledge simply weirds me out. It’s creepy.

I haven’t been so unsettled watching a Bigfoot documentary since Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie when some guy posited the theory of Bigfoot levitating to avoid leaving footprints. The rest of that documentary, though strange, had a human element that at least made some kind of an impact; you felt some empathy for the two main guys. Sasquatch Speaks contains no redeeming qualities. It is more a documentation of delusional belief, psychosis, and who shouldn’t do shrooms, than it is a documentary about Sasquatch. And there are two more in the series!

Sasquatch Speaks brings us interviews with such memorable, self-appointed shamans, healers and elders as Kewaunee Lapseritis, “Reverend” White Otter (or did she say Reverend Dwight Otter?), Otter’s spouse Su Walker, Sunbow TrueBrother and others. These folks sit there and tell us about Sasquatch being interdimensional and at times see-through, with the ability to heal and comfort people. Sounds like Jesus.

Spiritual and religious beliefs tend to get blended with all of this paranormal and cryptozoological stuff. UFOs and space aliens take the place of guardian angels; mysterious, elusive monsters in the woods become ancient wisemen who can pass between dimensions. For some reason these hairy creatures who stink like skunks and armpits are higher level spiritual beings. So much for the splendid Nordic aliens replete in their flowing robes and blond hair.

Weird gets weirder. Or maybe the weird stays the same. It just gets recycled decade after decade, fastening itself to whatever it can to help people feel connected to something bigger than they are. It fulfills a need. A need to belong, a longing for purpose, and a need to understand.

It’s still weird though. There is this thing called science, and bash it as spiritualists may, it works on facts and evidence. To pretend there is some supernatural or spiritual realm one could fathom that knowledgable scientists can’t, is delusional. Some say you can’t approach religion through science because they can not be reconciled, but in reality the only way to approach religion is through science because then we come to the truth. You can’t know something you can’t know, period.

This film, and I use the term loosely, is disturbing. It’s also poorly produced. The cartoon intro sets the stage perfectly: it’s a childish endeavor. I do not want to see another movie like this ever again, so will not be viewing the subsequent parts.