Elvis Death Conspiracy Theories

Elvis Presley performing

Is Elvis Still Alive? Celebrity death conspiracy theories abound for many deceased rock stars and actors like Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Andy Kaufman, and Coolio, who tragically died in 2022 due to an accidental overdose of fentanyl, heroin, and methamphetamine, not some crazy conspiracy about deets he had on clandestine business within the recording industry.

The Bell Island Boom – 41 Years Later

Photo of Lighting Bolts

After listening to an episode of the Nighttime Podcast about the Bell Island Boom from April 23, 2016, I went perusing the YouTube for an old CBC news broadcast from 1978 about mysterious booms and a massive unexplained explosion that damaged property and made a substantial impact on the residents of Bell Island

The Philadelphia Experiment

USS Eldridge (DE-173)

October, Rocktober, Shocktober… Schlocktober. Whatever kind of -tober you call it, it’s that time of month. The wind turns cold, dead leaves start swirling around in the streets, Home Depot shuffles out their halloween decor. Wait, that was last month, this month they set up all of the Christmas displays. I can recall a time …

The Amygdala – Why We Get Scared and Like It

Why we get scared and like it.

Well, not everyone likes getting scared, but why do so many of us dig walking through a haunted attraction, down dark roads, or watching scary movies? It doesn’t matter how well you know your environment, on a spooky night with the lights out that jacket tossed over the chair becomes a boogeyman. Blink and it’ll …

Siberian Craters Evidence of Hollow Earth

Artist rendition of a crater in Colorado. Possible exit hole for Hollow Earth dwellers

Scientists have discovered four new craters in the Siberian Yamal Peninsula in northern Russia. The current theory is that methane gas is being released from the thick permafrost, which is melting due to global warming. Ha! We all know that global warming is a joke, no one is going to make me give up my …