Siberian Craters Evidence of Hollow Earth

Scientists have discovered four new craters in the Siberian Yamal Peninsula in northern Russia. The current theory is that methane gas is being released from the thick permafrost, which is melting due to global warming.

Ha! We all know that global warming is a joke, no one is going to make me give up my f*cking Bronco!

But back to the story…

According to the science geniuses, who are probably just blowing smoke to conceal the truth, higher-than-normal local temperatures are causing the permafrost to thaw, causing methane gas to escape and the earth above to drop into the void. Giant sink holes if you will.

That’s possible I guess, but it seems too simple an explanation really, when we know that other secret things are going on that we don’t know about, and are being covered up by our government who pays the scientists to spread misinformation.

And what about this “flash of light” seen by locals before the most recent crater discovery? Was this caused by methane gas ignited by friction as the earth collapsed, or was it the collective glow from the flashlights of Hollow Earth Dwellers escaping from a super-heated nightmare below?

Artist rendition of a crater in Colorado. Possible exit hole for Hollow Earth dwellers
A mysterious crater recently discovered via satellite in the western United States (no one driving by noticed it) hints at reality of Hollow Earth dwellers. Could global warming be heating things up in Earth’s inner sanctum?

My covert conspiracy informant tells me that Hollow Earth Dwellers were picked up by hovering UFOs, from many rendezvous points around the world, and shuttled away to safety under the cover of darkness. As a result a similar crater is rumored to have been discovered in the western United States, but it’s hush hush of course. The photo above was leaked to me by my informant. Not really, I fudged it in PhotoShop, but don’t let that fact distract you from what’s really going on!

The lifestyle of Hollow Earth Dwellers is in peril and they need to escape to safer havens. It’s the poor idiots on the surface of the planet who are screwed!