Montana Bigfoot Hoaxer Killed by Car

You’ve no doubt heard the story. Montana man Randy Lee Tenley, 44, was struck and killed while running across highway 93 near Kalispell. He was apparently dressed in a Ghillie suit — a camouflage outfit designed to resemble folliage, used by hunters and the military — authorities say that alcohol may have been a factor in the tragic event.

Tenley was not alone, and authorities learned the details of the prank from Tenley’s friend. Tenley was indeed attempting to make people driving on the highway think they were seeing a Bigfoot. The hoax tragically backfired when Tenley was struck by a car, and then run over by a second vehicle.

In the wake of this disaster I would like to offer a public service announcement…

Would-Be Bigfoot Hoaxers, do NOT attempt to perpetrate a Bigfoot hoax by running across any roadway, a wooded back road or a major highway! Planning such a crazy stunt is dangerous and potentially fatal, as we see from this sad story.

If you must perpetrate a hoax, walk across someone’s back yard or through a field somewhere, and I strongly suggest you know the target of your hoax so you don’t get shot at. And whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to pull-off a Sasquatch Hoax during hunting season! And watch out for Squatchers that are PRO-Shoot in the quest to find this incredibly elusive beast. They want a body, and you don’t want to be it!

Please be advised… Hoaxing Bigfoot is not a safe past time, especially if you’re under the influence of alcohol.

Now, just so there is no mistake, Strange Encounters is by no means belittling the fate of the man who was accidentally struck by two motor vehicles as he ran across highway 93 near Kalispell, Montana. Of course this is a tragedy. Anytime someone loses their life by any means is, in my book, a tragedy, but accidents like this can be avoided.

Be careful out there!