Did Minnesota Hunter’s Trail Cam Capture Bigfoot?

Did a Minnesota hunter's trail cam capture Bigfoot?
Did a Minnesota hunter’s trail cam capture bigfoot? Doubt it. The figure in this photo looks so much like a man in a costume that we really shouldn’t waste time drawing any other conclusions or speculating.

That’s what is called using “Occam’s razor,” which states, “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity,” or, the simplest explanation is often the most accurate, so we need not offer explanations that require additional assumption. Whether the hunter is part of the hoax, or is the victim of a hoax, is unclear. But what is abundantly clear is that it is either a hoax, or a coincidence.

What coincidence? Maybe a guy walked by the camera in his snow suit or something. As for a hoax, there are many things one could wear to perpetrate such a hoax. A ghillie suit, which hunters use as camouflage, could be used to make a bigfoot hoax, but often they aren’t quite this dark. And if this is a ghillie suit, it’s a cheap one.

I would lean toward a snow suit coincidence, or a gorilla suit. And here’s a gorilla suit that would work perfectly in the trail camera photo (see image at right). A post over at Cryptomundo.com seems to support the idea of a hoax.

If we want to know for sure that creatures like Bigfoot are real, and find evidence to support that claim, we need to be able to weed out the crap. This is crap.