Tiger Fish Swallows Swallow

Tiger fishOkay, dopey title, but screw it, THAT is a scary looking fish! You want to talk Strange Encounters? Talk to the birds who narrowly escaped death as one of their comrades was snagged in mid flight by a bird hunting tiger fish. It’s not the first time a finned creature has been documented leaping out of water, for fun or to snag lunch. Whales frequently breach the surface for some form of their own entertainment, dolphins do too, and of course flying fish fly, to some extent. Great white sharks will break the surface too, when snagging a sea lion or a seal.

This is the first time a tiger fish has been documented mowing down on a swallow, but certainly not the first time it has happened. We have to give fish more cred. Hell, I hear goldfish breaching the surface in my fish tank all the time. “Bloop!” Not sure if they’d be able to take down a house fly or anything though. Gotta be quick for that. Check out the swallow catching tiger fish below…

And while you’re at it, watch this one for a laugh. Fish jumps in the boat, man jumps out.