Missing Skulls Alert!

Box of Skulls photo by Drew Vics. NOT the stolen skulls, halloween decorations.

No, this isn’t paranormal but it is unexplained. And the above photo is property of the author and depicts rubber and plastic Halloween decorations. Just so you’ll know.

On March 3, 2022, a box of human skulls was stolen from a medical transport vehicle in the Central Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The skulls were intended for medical research when they were carted off, along with a dolly, after the thieves broke into the van, now they may be destined for college initiation rituals, someone’s morbid home collection, or seriously legit Halloween decor.

Let’s be clear, stealing human remains is not cool, not even if you think you’re Victor Frankenstein. The heads are still at large, and it’s possible that the perps didn’t even know what they were snatching when they made off with the boney human remains. They might be in for one hell of a surprise.

Science Care issued the following statement through CBS Denver:

“We were made aware of the theft immediately and we have been working closely with local Denver authorities to investigate this crime. We are doing everything we can to locate the stolen tissue and protect the community. Due to the sensitive nature of our business, and as there are several ongoing investigations, we do not have any further comment on this criminal matter.

This is an extremely rare situation. If anyone has any information on this crime, or on the whereabouts of the box or donated tissue, we urge you to please contact the Denver Police or Science Care at media@sciencecare.com. We look forward to a safe resolution of this situation.”