Hitler’s Skull is Woman’s Skull, DNA Shows

Will conspiracy nuts latch onto this? Hype spreads rampant in the media about how “Hilter may have escaped Berlin!”

Yes, it’s true, a DNA test done on a bone fragment from the skull alleged to be that of Adolph Hitler, which was found by Soviet military personel outside Hitler’s bunker, has been confirmed to be that of a female, and not Hitler’s noggin after all.

What does this mean? Is Hitler alive? Did he manage to escape? Is there some massive conspiracy among world powers to keep the “truth” of Hitler’s vanishing act a secret from the rest of us?


Basically it means that the skull found outside of Hitler’s bunker was that of a woman, and someone made an assumption which is now known to be incorrect.

When I first read this headline I decided to browse the web to see if I could find some details. I recommend a quick read of the subject at www.physorg.com.