The Conjuring Movie – The Warrens, again…

From James Wan, Director of the original SAW movie, and Insidious, comes The Conjuring, a ghost tale based on an alleged “hidden” file of a haunting investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were popular ghost hunters and paranormal investigators during the 50s, 60s and into the 80s. They are most famous for being the investigators in the Amityville Horror story.

The original SAW film was great, but I couldn’t seem to sit through Insidious, maybe I should give it another try on Netflix. I hope there is more success with The Conjuring, because it seems we are in the midst of a new era in film, where foreign movies are becoming better than those made in the U.S., and American filmmakers seem to be churning out some of the samest, lamest stuff every year.

Well, the lower budget guys that is. Big budget filmmakers always have an edge, and with an estimated budget of $13,000,000 I guess they think The Conjuring is a winner. The budget for SAW was 1.2 million and they grossed 18.2 million in the first week in the U.S., so they must really think they have a prize on there hands to toss 13 mil at it.

They’re probably right though. In the entertainment industry paranormal and supernatural business is booming. The audience is calling for that kind of stuff, look at all the ghost hunter shows on TV.

I can’t stand to see another lame supernatural thriller rehash, so I hope they did a good job with this one. Check out the trailer below: