Alleged Travis Walton UFO Abduction Incident

The Travis Walton UFO sighting and abduction story is a good one.┬áBut even though it’s an intriguing tale, and made a great movie, there are some things that don’t ring true in this famous UFO case. Aside from having everything involved with it but the kitchen sink.

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UFO abducts 11 year old Russian Girl

Was 11 year old Lisa Hlupinoy abducted by a UFO? Probably not, but of course that can’t be confirmed until she is found alive or (I hope not) dead

There is a story of a Russian girl, Lisa Hlupinoy, who has gone missing after venturing into the woods near her home with some male friends. Apparently all efforts to find her have been exhausted and authorities have given up. Strangely, there is no mention of her on any missing person database, and no original news story about her dissappearance can be found on the web.

All I can find are very few articles churning out the same nonsense about abduction by a UFO, a theory proposed by UFOlogists. Experts of course. It’s also mentioned that police turned to a psychic for help in the investigation.

If the story is for real, and it is confirmed that the boys had nothing to do with her dissappearance, then it is likely she was abducted, but most likely by some sicko right here on earth, in an automobile, not a UFO.

Let’s hope, that if it is for real, the girl is found safe.

All News Web – Did a UFO abduct 11 year old Lisa?.